Ever wonder how many shots I take to get a twinsie adventure? Do you think they just lie there and smile? Well, sometimes they do, but sometimes they are not so thrilled with the idea or are very interested in the toys around them, sometimes they just make funny faces. So here is a little behind the scenes peek and the pictures that don't make the cut. Enjoy!

It takes about 2 seconds to get from luging to eating the spectators camera. Incase you ever wondered.

Adventures are Tiring

'Uhh, K, Mom said to lie here and shoot them...not go eat them'

Aftermath of taking the 'Summer Story' adventures, complete with cheerios

Who knew train engineers needed carrot sticks...this is what happens when you take them away.

Short attention span

K thought she was in heaven until I told her that is not a cheerio

You may notice a lens cap in K's hands in the final adventure...this is why.

Sometimes we cry...believe it or not

Sometimes we just make strange faces

Sometimes Mommy puts fun things around us and expects us to ignore them....silly Mommy

Do you have any idea how hard it is to make them look at each other?...all you can do is hope.

'Umm, Mom, she is crying'

Angry wasn't exactly what we were going for K, try to look happy

This isn't working

Watch for more....


  1. ROFLOL - those are GREAT! Your comments are perfect.

  2. Love them! Please do more!